Friday, September 14, 2012

Japan. Singing Over Nations. (Please Read This.)

As I write this, I am reminded of a story in Exodus.  A story in which a man is asked to do something He feels completely inadequate to do.  Nonetheless, God is calling him.  Still, he gives God every reason he can come up with as to why he is the wrong guy for the job set before him: He thinks the leadership won’t believe Him.  He has a speech impediment.  They won’t know who God is.  They won’t understand him. 

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

Perhaps my favorite line he feeds God is, “O Lord, please send someone else to do it.” 

It’s so transparent and human.  I’ve said the same thing myself. 

But, the Lord cared so much for Moses and His people, that He gave him a supernatural sign to get his attention.  He reminded Moses who He was.  He told Moses that His divine words would come from Moses’ mouth, and He would perform miraculous signs through him.


So, what does all this have to do with Japan? 

A few months ago, Lisa Coscia, now the principal of a school in Okinawa, Japan and my former principal at VCA, told me how much it would bless her students if I were to come lead worship for their chapels.   At the time, I responded with a short laugh, meaning “that’s a pretty far distance for a few songs to be sung.” 

She mentioned it several times, and I thought about it, dismissing it every time.

In my mind, it wasn’t logical. 

About a month later, the Lord wouldn’t let me leave it.  He prompted me to find out more information and sent people in my life to remind me of the power of the Holy Spirit in worship.  He brought my mind back to His words that have been spoken over me numerous times, that I would indeed “sing over nations.”  That I would see people healed in worship. 

I “pulled a Moses” and questioned God, asking for confirmation, and the Lord gave me a clear one.  A few short hours after I asked for it, He brought me a supernatural, physical sign.  I can’t say He’s ever spoken so clearly to me.  I was broken.

It was then that I knew I had to go.  He was summoning me.  Something would be unleashed in my worship over there. 

Even after this sign, the Lord continued to speak to me through a dream, in which He pleaded that I intercede for His people. 

There is so much more that I could write, pointing to the ways in which God has confirmed this trip over and over again.  And, it blows my mind to think about it all.

Needless to say, even without full understanding, I am obeying.  I will be going the week of Thanksgiving (November 17th-24th), and using every waking moment to minister to these people in Okinawa.

My friend, Jimmy Paton, will be joining me on this endeavor, and I am extremely grateful for his willingness to help me in teaching, ministering to, and loving on these people.  What a heart for the kingdom this man has!

Only 3% of the people of Okinawa claim to be Christians. 

So, I’m asking for your prayers and support. 

Pray that the Holy Spirit would use every song sung to break down walls and go through seemingly impenetrable hearts. 

Pray that our songs would be a prophetic voice of encouragement to the people of Okinawa.

Pray blessing on the Coscia family.

Pray for safe travels, smooth passage, and doors to open for us to minister.

Pray that we will be able to show these people an accurate picture of the character of God and how vast His love is for them.

Pray for healings, be they physical or emotional. 

Pray that the Holy Spirit would move in miraculous ways.

I can’t thank you enough. 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

mountain messengers.

The mountains teach me.

Yes, the green ones.
The ones protecting two lands, to be exact.
The ones that brought rain every 45 blasted minutes.
Those unpredicted ones that framed my prayers.
They didn’t know the significance of their being there.

They carried the hope of those people. 
They knew what was expected of me.

The mountains teach me.

No, you’re thinking of the wrong ones.
These are worth much more than that.
They spoke clearly.
Pointed their snow capped peaks towards You
And forced me to take a look at myself.
Holding their regal heads high.

But ready to lower their pride, yield themselves in an instant.

I took notes.
Wrote down their advice.

It all started and ended with You.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

a patchwork piece.

A Patchwork piece:

April 2010:

“Yet she sits, thinks,
And makes a sorry attempt
To discover who she is.
Without thinking of the One who knows
Her best.

Forgive me, Lord.”

“We yield because you, beyond us, are our God.
We are your creatures met by your holiness,
by your holiness made our true selves.
And we yield.”

December 2010:

“I need hard facts. Give me the source. Please spare me the flowery words that arouse my emotions. I’ll even leave music at the door. Just give me Jesus.
I want to really know Him.

Good-person.  Virgin-birthed. The center of theological debate.

Please, People.

There’s so much more to it than that.

I’m just beginning to unravel it.”

April 2011:

“Give me vision.

I see a sewer filled pond.
            You see a lake.
I see a lost little girl.
            You see a woman of potential.”

June 2011:

“I realize that I have trust issues, and I unfairly attribute these to the Lord. I fear that things won’t work out for me. That my dreams aren’t valued enough in His eyes. That my ideas aren’t worth much, and that I won’t feel or experience His fullness the way others claim to experience it.”

August 2011:

“There are times where I could write a love song about you.”

August 2011:

“Love must be done.”

December 2011:

“Part of me is annoyed at the pace of this season
While part of me appreciates lingering

…I usually have a hard time closing books when the plot still intrigues me.”

I've been sifting through my old files and random unfinished songs, poems and thoughts, trying to relate to where I was.  To be honest, some of them are terrible writing and a little too vulnerable for my comfort level. 

but I remember exactly who I was in each of these...and I find myself smiling in relief.

I don’t know her any longer. 

This year I found him,
and upon truly encountering the person of the Holy Spirit,

I don’t want to live another day without him. 

Not one.

July 2012