Thursday, February 10, 2011


And one more thought on this Thursday night...

"When the Lord brought back the captives to Zion,
we were like men who dreamed." Psalm 126:1

Oh let it be true even today.
May the captives be released.
And may we dream.
Dream of the unconventional things the Lord could do with us.
If we allowed Him.
Dream of the sick being restored.
Dream of the lost being found.
But Oh, my God,
Let us dream again.

inspiring thoughts.

What Has Lost

Even though my walls quite tall,
They did quake a little.
Even though my nerves quite strong,
They did shake a little.
Even though my heart quite whole
It did break a little.
And death, quite powerful,
Did take a little.


Believe it or not, this was written by an 8th grade student of mine.
I'm pretty sure she gets it. (that whole "writing" thing I've been longing for them to grasp)

right on time.

"The Divine Voice is not always expressed in words. It is made known as a heart-consciousness."

Maybe I'm too much of a self-professed "word-nerd", but the word conscious messed with me. Not that it's a difficult word to recognize or understand, but I just couldn't get past its harsh reality.

Conscious: Awake.

In order to be in need of an awakening, the heart must have been found sleeping at some point.

My mind quickly switches to teacher-mode, and I imagine that sloth-like student that just won't pick his head up off of the desk. You can make it a huge ordeal, draw attention to it, and consequently lose your entire class's can let him lay there a while, realizing that at some point, he'll recognize the importance of what he's missing. At least you hope so.

If I replace that teacher image with God and think of myself as that lazy student, it's a bit too shameful for me to think on for too long.

This sneakily made its way past my eyes and pressed in to my spirit last night. Very heavily.
Suddenly I am very aware, or conscious, of what the Divine Voice is asking of me.


Let my heart stay open and alert to the things you are speaking to me.
I want to think with a kingdom-mindset.
Let this spirit awake.