Sunday, November 28, 2010

a new favorite of mine

Amberly recently introduced me to writer Brian Andreas, and I'm afraid there's no going back for me. I'm obsessed with the way he writes. Seemingly simplistic with this sudden depth that grabs you. Sometimes I don't even try to figure out what he's saying, I just take it in.

This is an intro to one of his books that "grabbed me."

"I’ve always seen hidden meanings in everything. Whenever I used to do those puzzles in children’s magazines, the ones where you’re supposed to find all the hidden pictures, I’d never find the right ones. I’d say I found the griffin, and the Wesselman steam engine, and the missing little finger of the mummy of Tut, and everyone would give me a strange look and say, All you’re looking for is a yellow duck…

…I believe the world still whispers. But we have forgotten how to listen…

…Take some time to listen to the voices around you…

…After that, work up to the voices of places you can only imagine. Ask where to find the griffin, and the Wesselman steam engine, and the little finger of Tut. I know they’re out there, and usually in the strangest of places.

And if you find the yellow duck, let me know. That’s the one I always miss."

I can't wait to get some of his works, but until then, I'll just read Amberly's book over and over every time I'm over there. I'm pretty sure she's ok with that too.

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