Thursday, February 10, 2011

right on time.

"The Divine Voice is not always expressed in words. It is made known as a heart-consciousness."

Maybe I'm too much of a self-professed "word-nerd", but the word conscious messed with me. Not that it's a difficult word to recognize or understand, but I just couldn't get past its harsh reality.

Conscious: Awake.

In order to be in need of an awakening, the heart must have been found sleeping at some point.

My mind quickly switches to teacher-mode, and I imagine that sloth-like student that just won't pick his head up off of the desk. You can make it a huge ordeal, draw attention to it, and consequently lose your entire class's can let him lay there a while, realizing that at some point, he'll recognize the importance of what he's missing. At least you hope so.

If I replace that teacher image with God and think of myself as that lazy student, it's a bit too shameful for me to think on for too long.

This sneakily made its way past my eyes and pressed in to my spirit last night. Very heavily.
Suddenly I am very aware, or conscious, of what the Divine Voice is asking of me.


Let my heart stay open and alert to the things you are speaking to me.
I want to think with a kingdom-mindset.
Let this spirit awake.

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