Sunday, May 8, 2011


OK, so I introduced it briefly in my last post, but here is the big news I’ve been holding out on fully saying.

I AM GOING TO INDIA! (Yes, I am shouting here…those were intentional capital letters.)

Not forever folks, but for two weeks. This July I’ll be working and living in an orphanage with a co-worker/friend of mine, Crystal Kemper.

I had never planned on going to India. I had never desired to go to India. In fact, this became a place in my mind that I had written-off as “somewhere I need not venture to”. Nothing about this country drew my attention.

That is until recently.

My heart is heavy for these kids that I haven’t met yet. I can almost see their smiles in my mind and picture the details of their individual faces. I am itching to be there. To be with them and love them. To somehow express Christ through my actions towards them. To serve these people that I once was so apathetic towards.

I am in awe of the Lord on this one. For those of you that know me, I am usually pretty practical (perhaps overly so) when it comes to trips and money and being responsible with what you have been given. But on this one, I’m letting God take it.

Now, don’t hear this wrong. I am not saying it is good to be irresponsible with money, knowing that God will provide anyways. Not at all!
For me, God is testing my faith. He’s allowing me to trust. Forcing me to rest in a time when my initial reaction would be to become overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

The Kicker: I need to raise $2600 in less than two months. I’ll be selling headbands, hosting a game/Bingo night and putting on a benefit show in order to make this trip a reality. Your help means more than you could possibly realize. It would make my year to be able to raise more than this amount and bless this orphanage with extra funds.
Be on the lookout for a video I’ll be posting soon with updates on the events I’ll be hosting.

I leave you with this: Be on the look out for what the Lord may have in store. Expect the unexpected.

And just maybe, He’ll use something you had no intention of doing in order to show His glory through you.


  1. "But on this one, I’m letting God take it."

  2. Jenna worked with Ms. Kemper- she'll be super excited to hear this.

    I'm in. Let me know when and what and how you get started with it all :) love you!

  3. Love you, Jess! I will surely update you!!