Friday, July 1, 2011

here we go.

Crystal and I are sitting in the Newark airport trying to kill our 8-hour layover with a deck of cards, magazines, and quite a few hours of people watching (our favorite). Airports really are the best places for that.
We've even spied our favorite flyer of the day: a man displaying a red thong out of his surprisingly "dad-like" attire. Crystal caught this treasured moment, and I'm not sure I'll be able to compete with her on this one. This guy wins, hands down.
Ok, yes we're feeling a bit delirious at the moment from the traveling and this unexpected encounter, but we are ecstatic about this trip. We just spent a few moments reflecting in the speed at which God supplied the funds for this endeavor, and it's quite surreal and humbling to actually be in this place about to board this flight.
There's an expectancy about us. It's going to wreck us. We know that. But, our minds can't comprehend what's to come. We're ok with that though, and we can feel your prayers already.
While we are in Nainital, India, we will be living in a girl's orphanage and teaching, playing, ministering and falling in love with the kids there.
Please pray for our safety. Yes, traveling such long distances can cause some apprehension, but pray for our encounters with people. May they be safe, meaningful and favorable.
Pray for receptive minds. We want to share the Lord with these people in a way that makes them feel loved, cherished and purposeful.
Pray for our hearts. That we may grow daily in compassion for the lost and hurting. That we may be changed and effected.
Most importantly, pray for the people of India.

We can't wait to share stories of his faithfulness and beauty. We love you.

-Allyson and Crystal

P.S.- I spared you all a photo of red thong man. Yeah, you're welcome. ;)

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