Wednesday, May 19, 2010


There are days when I assume no one will ever get me again. By "get" I mean, understand. By "understand" I mean take the time to discover more.

I've given it thought.

Yes, I too have spent time staring at the pictures containing love-struck faces with matching looks of endearment to go with their perfectly placed interlocking fingers. And it makes me feel a bit nauseous. And it's not nausea surfacing from the giant hearts dancing along the added border of the already unmistakable photo. I'm disgusted at the idea of that happening to "those people" but all along praying that I'm next.

But when the time comes, and I'm standing there with mixed emotions, displaying a perfect medley of both tears and smile, waiting for the moment when we say that that which was once our own is now shared...

I know that he'll "get" me.

(But in the meantime, I have people like Becky Renko to get me through. :D)

1 comment:

  1. my eyes are filled with tears reading this. you know i understand exactly how you feel. you know i was there for many years wondering when it would be my turn...if i would be next. i promise he will "get" you better than anyone....and you won't even have to work at that part. it will come naturally, and when you realize will be a beautiful day. i love you.