Friday, May 28, 2010


I love thunderstorms. As I write this, I'm sitting outside waiting for one to approach.

With thunderstorms comes the memory of my dad and me sitting in our old garage for hours, watching the rain beat on the pavement. We'd sit there and count the seconds between lightning strikes and the soon to follow thunder. And maybe we'd make a few jokes here and there about God bowling in heaven again. We'd talk about our days, and I'd listen to his musings about the future and "adulthood."

Some people say that young people don't take advantage of their youth, or that they forget to value the simple moments. But I think even then, at my young age, I knew the worth of these moments. And I held on to them tightly...

So that ten years later, when I'm stressed about the future and anxious about where my life could take me, I can think about dad and me: relaxing, contemplating and dreaming. And that beautiful rain hitting our tree-tops.

We always made it a big deal, our escapades in the garage, but really it was just our excuse to hang-out together.

I think the Lord knew I needed that reminder of the kind of peace and blessing I felt from Him in those times, so I could cling to it again now.

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